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Ertz Invites Local Hero to Wild Card Game

Zach Ertz invited a Philadelphia man – who recently rescued his mother from a fire in Wynnefield Heights while wearing No. 86’s jersey – to the Eagles’ Wild Card game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

After hearing about the man’s bravery and heroic actions, Zach felt the need to do his part to honor Shawn Smith, who carried his mother down 10 flights of stairs to help her out of the senior living facility, all while donning Zach’s jersey.

Smith is his mother’s primary caretaker, and he acted as quickly as he could to save her life from the fire, carrying her out into the cold without even putting his shoes on.

“It was a scary situation, but I got my mother out. That was all I was concerned about,” Smith said.

Ertz learned of the situation and promptly invited Smith to the Eagles’ playoff game, rewarding Smith with sideline passes as a kind gesture for his brave actions.

For Zach, this situation is yet another example of the great people that make up the city of Philadelphia, and he wanted to make sure Smith was recognized properly.

“It’s part of the reason I love this city that has embraced me since the moment I got here,” Ertz said,” and we appreciate it. We love the people of this city.”

During pregame warmups, Zach took time to greet his guest on the sidelines, giving Smith a memory he won’t soon forget, and to top it all off, Zach signed Smith’s No. 86 jersey that he was wearing both at the game and the night of the fire.

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