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Eagles Ring Ceremony

The Philadelphia Eagles finally received their Super Bowl rings after months of celebration in the city. In the middle of an offseason where the team is gearing up to repeat, the World Champs took one last night to remember their special accomplishment from February.

Zach Ertz was joined by his World Cup-winning wife Julie, and he can now finally show off his championship accessory in the Ertz household.

The ceremony was held at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia as the entire organization came together to receive their 10-karat white gold Super Bowl LII rings adorned with 219 diamonds and 17 green sapphires.

The Lombardi Trophy on the ring contains 16 diamonds, signifying the teams win total during the regular season and playoffs. Perhaps the most interesting component of the ring is the bezel, which contains 127 diamonds, the sum of the jersey numbers of the three players who touched the ball on the Philly Special (Nick Foles, Trey Burton and Corey Clement).

And of course, a dog mask is inscribed on the inside of the ring, a reference to all the doubters all season long, especially after Carson Wentz sustained his season-ending ACL injury.

The ring ceremony was special because it reunited former teammates who have found new homes for the upcoming season. Vinny Curry, LeGarrette Blount, Torrey Smith, Trey Burton, Brent Celek, and Beau Allen are just some of the names who returned to Philadelphia one last time as Eagles.

“It’s awesome,” Smith said. “That’s the reward when you win, you want this opportunity to celebrate together. It’s the beginning of knowing we’re united forever.”

This Eagles team reached great heights because of their selflessness and the bond between each other, so the ring ceremony was a great way for Philadelphia to close the book on an unforgettable season.

“Everyone’s getting a ring,” Lurie said. “It’s so great to have our players back. Our players, players who have gone and come back. It’s awesome. A very tight-knit family. And we get to finally celebrate it all.”

Head coach Doug Pederson and the rest of the Eagles are now ready to move on with their offseason schedule in preparation of their title defense. These guys know what it takes to win a championship now, but they know it’s not easy.

“After we celebrate this,” Malcolm Jenkins said, “then it goes back into the resting place, and we’re looking for another one.”

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