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Super Bowl LII Preview

Zach Ertz is preparing for the first Super Bowl appearance of his career and just the second in Philadelphia Eagles history. But before the big game, Zach participated in the media frenzy that accompanied Super Bowl Week in Minneapolis.

Zach and Julie Ertz, his superstar soccer-playing wife, made national headlines from their performances on the day of the NFC Championship Game. In addition to the Eagles’ blowout victory, Julie scored the go-ahead goal in the United States Women’s National Team friendly against Denmark.

Julie’s reaction to her husband advancing to the Super Bowl was precious and Zach appreciated his wife’s emotions when he saw them in the Eagles’ locker room while talking with reporters.

This week, however, Julie Ertz has been ever-present and even interviewed Zach during one of his scheduled media appearances. During the exchange, which included Michael Irvin, Zach admitted that Julie is the superior athlete in the family and that he needs to add a trophy to his side of the family trophy case.

“Julie won a World Cup like two years ago, so I need to hold up my end of the bargain.”

Unlike two weeks ago, Julie will be in attendance for the Super Bowl, cheering on her favorite tight end.

“I just am so proud of him,” said Julie Ertz. “I’m just so excited to obviously share this moment.”

As the week has progressed, the media questions have evolved from silly to more serious and football-focused. While we now know that Julie Ertz makes “unbelievable tacos” according to her husband, Ertz and his teammates came here for one reason – to win a football game.

The New England Patriots will be the toughest challenge yet for the Eagles and it comes on the NFL’s biggest stage. The Eagles are underdogs yet again in the Super Bowl, but that’s nothing new for this team.

“We’ve had a chip on our shoulder the entire year,” said Ertz. “No one picked us at the beginning of the year. No one picked us after Carson got hurt. No one picked us first round, second round, the NFC Championship. We’re just excited to be here, the chip on our shoulder will never leave.”

As far as matchups are concerned, the tight end position could be pivotal in deciding this game. The Patriots are well-known for using multiple tight end sets on their various Super Bowl runs. With Ertz, Trey Burton and Brent Celek, the Eagles have adopted a similar formula utilizing tight ends.

“I think it’s important for every team to have a lot of good tight ends, and I think we’ve got three really good tight ends,” said Brent Celek.

Ertz is the headliner for the Eagles tight end group, while Rob Gronkowski is the Patriots’ reliable weapon on offense, and the two have drawn many comparisons this season in terms of their usage and statistics.

“They’re similar. We both like our tight ends in the red zone,” said Eagles safety Rodney McLeod. “They’re both big target outlets for the quarterback.”

Ertz has been very effective all season at creating separation with his route-running ability and big body in the red zone. Those will be two key components of Sunday’s matchup against a Patriots’ defense that is well-coached by Matt Patricia.

“You don’t come to Philly to win NFC Championships,” said Ertz. “You come to win Super Bowls.”

The Eagles are blocking out the distractions. They’re blocking out the doubters. The team is focused on the task at hand, and they are ready to play for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

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